Evil as a Relic -Part -2 (Final)

Everything happens according to divine will, and it is a mistake to think that God has a rival in the form of a Devil. Accentuation of the forces for good is necessary for releasing divine life in all its fullness. But evil itself often plays an important part in accentuating the forces for good; and it becomes an inevitable shadow or counterpart of the good. Like other opposites of experience, good and evil are also in a sense opposites which have to be withstood and transcended. One has to rise above the duality of good and evil and accept life in its totality, in which they appear as abstractions. Life is to be seen and lived in its indivisible integrity.

Nevertheless there is an important factor in the opposites of good and evil. Evil is to all appearance the converse of good yet at the same time it is capable of being converted into good.

Thus generally speaking, the path lies from evil to good and then from good to God, Who is beyond both good and evil.

If any suffering comes to a Perfect Master or Avatar, it should not be interpreted as a temporary victory of evil. It happens by divine will and is a form of divine compassion. He voluntarily takes upon himself the suffering of others in order to redeem those who are engulfed in gnawing cravings, unrelieved hatred and unabated jealousies.

– Beams, p57

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