Existence Is Substance and Life Is Shadow – Part 1


Existence is Eternal, whereas Life is perishable.

Comparatively, Existence is what his body is to man, and Life is as the cloth that covers the body. The same body changes clothes according to the seasons, time and circumstances, just as the One and Eternal Existence is always there throughout the countless and varied aspects of Life.

Shrouded beyond recognition by the cloak of Life with its multifarious folds and colors is Existence Unchangeable. It is the garb of Life with its veils of mind, energy and gross forms that shadows and superimposes on Existence, presenting the eternal, indivisible and unchangeable Existence as transient, varied and ever-changing.

Existence is all-pervading and is the underlying essence of all things, whether animate or inanimate, real or unreal, varied in species or uniform in forms, collective or individual, abstract or substantial.

In the Eternity of Existence there is no Time. There is no Past and no Future, only the everlasting Present. In Eternity nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen. Everything is happening in the unending NOW.

-www.lordmeher.org , p3424
Jan, 1954; Mahabaleshwar


“Love for God automatically and naturally results in self-denial, mental control and ego annihilation, irrespective of the lovers’ following or renouncing these external forms.”
(Life At Its Best, p68)



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