“Forgive and Forget” – Part 2 (Final)


Now men are planning to go to the moon. And the first to get there will plant his nation’s flag on it, and that nation will declare: “It is mine.” But another nation will dispute the claim, and they will fight here on this earth for possession of that moon. And whoever goes there, what will he find? Nothing but himself. And if people go on to Venus, they will still find nothing but themselves. Whether men soar to outer space or dive to the bottom of the deepest ocean, they will find themselves as they are, unchanged, because they will not have forgotten themselves nor remembered to exercise the charity of forgiveness.

Supremacy over others will never cause a man to find a change in himself; the greater his conquests the stronger is his confirmation of what his mind tells him — that there is no God other than his own power. And he remains separated from God, the Absolute Power.

But when the same mind tells him that there is something which may be called God and, further, when it prompts him to search for God that he may see Him face-to-face, he begins to forget himself and to forgive others for whatever he has suffered from them. And when a man has forgiven everyone and has completely forgotten himself, he finds that God has forgiven him everything, and he remembers who, in reality, he is.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4816
Aug, 1962; Meherazad

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