Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 4 (Final)

Baba had informed them to come again the next day at 4 P.M. At that meeting he continued:

I know you are not rich. You own a farm, and that you have given to me. This gesture of love to me is worth the whole universe. I know with what genuine love you offered me the land, with what genuine love you work for me and are prepared to do anything for me.

Many Westerners are very advanced in loving God. Now the time has come when they need a push. The climax is nearing. November 15th, my Fiery Life begins. So, God willing, this climax will bring about the unification of East and West in a spiritual world. It is going to end. God is doing it all, and Baba has to play the greatest part. This, with the help of Eastern and Western lovers like you. So don’t worry about anything. Do not feel confused about anything. Do just as I tell you.

The possibility of selling the farmland to raise proceeds for the Center work was discussed further. Fred offered their car also, but Baba told him to keep it. The Winterfeldts had been expecting to stay in Myrtle Beach for ten days, but Baba now ordered them to leave for New York as early as possible the following day. They left him, feeling sad but with the determination to carry out his wishes. At 2 A.M. that night, they woke up and left Myrtle Beach, reaching New York in the evening.
–, p3805

Meanwhile, the New York World’s Fair was scheduled to open on April 22nd, 1964, and the American lovers had contributed and built a beautiful information booth for Meher Baba’s Universal Message to be disseminated in the Pavilion of American Interiors.
… It was estimated that half-a-million visitors a day came to the fair, and many passed Baba’s corner, saw his picture and heard his name through the untiring efforts of Elizabeth, Kitty, Jane and many others. Baba indicated from the beginning, “I will do my work in my own way at the fair,” and it was evident by those who were drawn to him and later wrote to the Myrtle Beach Center for more information. Fred and Ella Winterfeldt inquired as to how to answer questions that people might ask. Baba replied through Mani in a letter: “Baba says his love is with you, so do not be at all nervous about questions you might be asked. Your love for him will speak for itself and answer all questions.”
–, p6246

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