His Godhood gives a universal push



Being asked by the editors about Jesus’ “temptations,” Meher Baba replied:

“The truth is that Jesus was not tempted by Satan, but that Jesus got Himself tempted , and He overcame the temptations. There was a great purpose behind this. He had to get Himself tempted; thereby He shouldered the burden of the forces of temptations that predominated in the world. Jesus then overcame all the temptations and in that way created a tremendous force which acted as a great set-back to the forces of universal temptations. The same was true in the case of Buddha, and it is the same every time in Avataric periods. Whenever God manifests on earth as Avatar, His Godhood gives a universal push and the result is universal, i.e. , not only the humanity reaps the benefit but everything in the whole Creation reaps the benefit of the universal push.”

-God Speaks, p63


“Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of low desires. Pure love includes everything. If one loves, all other low qualities automatically dissolve themselves.”, The Perfect Master, Charles Purdom, p250

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