God Alone Is (1): Infinite consciousness includes every aspect of consciousness

Finally, before the meeting came to an end, this “final discourse” by Baba, titled “God Alone Is,” was read by Eruch:

Infinite Consciousness is infinite. Thus, it can never lessen at any point in time or space. Infinite Consciousness, being infinite, includes every aspect of consciousness. Unconsciousness is one of the aspects of Infinite Consciousness.

Thus, Infinite Consciousness includes unconsciousness. It sustains, covers, pierces through and provides an end to unconsciousness — which flows from and is consumed by Infinite Consciousness.

In order to assert Infinite Consciousness unequivocally, I declare that I have Infinite Consciousness; and I can do this most emphatically because I am Infinite Consciousness. I am everything, and I am beyond — beyond everything.

I am ever conscious that I am in you, while you are never conscious that I am in you. Daily, I support you and share your consciousness. Now I want you to uphold me and share my consciousness one day.

Man, being unconscious of actually possessing the never-ending conscious experience that God is everything, and all else is nothing, feels everything is: Air is. Water is. Fire is. Earth is. Light is. Darkness is. Stone is. Iron is. Vegetation is. Insect is. Fish is. Bird is. Beast is. Man is. Good is. Bad is. Pain is. Pleasure is. Thus, there is no end to all that is until he arrives at “Nothing is” and instantaneously realizes that “God Is.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4448
July, 1958 ; Meherabad (1958 Sahavas)

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