God Alone Is (4): Man’s inability to live God’s words makes them a mockery

Through endless time, God’s greatest gift is continuously given in silence. But when mankind becomes completely deaf to the thunder of His Silence, God incarnates as man. The Unlimited assumes the limited to shake maya-drugged humanity to a consciousness of its true destiny and to give a spiritual push to the world by his physical presence on earth. He uses the body for his Universal work, to be discarded in final sacrifice, as soon as it has served its purpose.

God has come again and again in various forms, has spoken again and again in different languages the same one Truth — but how many are there that live up to it? Instead of making Truth the vital breath of his life, man compromises by making over and over again a mechanical religion of it, as a handy staff to lean on in time of adversity, as a soothing balm for his conscience or as a tradition to be followed in the footsteps of the past.

Man’s inability to live God’s words makes them a mockery. How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to “turn the other cheek” or to “love thy neighbor as thyself?” How many Muslims follow Muhammad’s precept to “hold God above everything else?” How many Hindus “bear the Torch of Righteousness at all cost?” How many Buddhists live the “life of pure compassion” expounded by Buddhism? How many Zoroastrians “think truly, speak truly and act truly?”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4450
July, 1958 ; Meherabad (1958 Sahavas)

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