God-Realized Jivanmuktas – Part 1

Discoursing on Sunday, July 12th, Baba explained about God-Realized Jivanmuktas:

The state of Realized Souls is like that of a calm, tranquil ocean. Oceans have shores, but this Divine Ocean is shoreless. It is infinite, beginningless and endless.

The Ocean is limitless and immeasurable, and so absorbs everything in it. Suppose Kochar is the ocean, Nilu is water in a pit and Pendu is water in a tank. All three are water; but if anyone fouls the water in the pit, it becomes dirty, as Nilu is limited by sanskaric desires. Similarly, if a load of refuse is thrown in the tank, that water, too, would get filthy, as Pendu, too, like Nilu, is limited by desires. But however much one urinates in the waters of the ocean, it never becomes unclean, as it is not limited by desires. Kochar is limitless, and so absorbs all limits within himself. Even one on the sixth plane is not free of desires.

Therefore, so long as desires last, there is no emancipation. The Jivanmukta is that Ocean who is conscious of both itself and the shore; but he has no duty to perform for the shore.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4184

(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3365)

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