God’s true greatness is reflected in His true lovers

On the 11th, a letter from Suloo Meshram* of Nagpur was received and read out.  Baba was in a good mood and remarked, “Such devotees and lovers should be worshiped.” Baba then joined his own hands together and closed his eyes as if praying, something the mandali had never seen him do before. He had the letter read out again and observed:

Suloo is greater than me in the sense that he loves me with such deep devotion. He has seen me only once in Panchgani in 1938 and since then has been kept far away. Lovers in that respect are truly great.

Why did Krishna wash Sudama’s feet and drink the water? Because of Sudama’s love. He washed not the feet but the love of Sudama, and drank its waters.

God always is, was and ever will be. But the existence of God’s great and true lovers — like Sudama of Krishna, Suloo and others now — reflects God’s true greatness. The greatness of their love is such that it creates faith in a Master, whom the poor, ignorant lover does not truly know at all. But because of firm faith, the follower is ready to give up his very life for the Master. Isn’t that greater than God?

God is always greater in His infinity. But if lovers, in spite of their finiteness, rise to give up all, sacrifice their very lives just for love and faith in their Beloved (whose true being they do not at all know), it is indeed greater. That is why God, even in spite of His infinity, bows to the greatness in recognition of the spirit of selflessness that He beholds in the love and faith of his true lovers.

God is always there. He was all the time. He will ever be. But it is the greatness of lovers and devotees that they love and adore God and the guru. Even if you [the mandali] don’t feel anything such as this boy or other devotees have experienced, the very fact that you have given up all, and now stay with me and render service solely out of love, although you do not know me, is enough to prove your greatness, which I alone see, know and appreciate.

-www.lordmeher.org, p2268

March, 1942; Dehra Dun

*Suloo Meshram was the boy from Nagpur who heard about Meher Baba through a newspaper article, and whom Baba had described as “fit for this path!”

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