Good and evil [1/9] – The distinction

[This series is an extract from the wonderful discourse given by Beloved Baba on ‘Good and Evil’]

Of the opposites created by the human mind, the division between good and bad is spiritually most significant. It is based upon man’s desire to be free from the limitation of all desires.

Those experiences and actions that increase the fetters of desire are bad, and those experiences and actions that tend to emancipate the mind from limiting desires are good.

Since good experiences and actions also exist in relation to desire, they also bind in the same way as do bad experiences and actions. All binding can truly disappear only when all desires disappear. Therefore, true freedom comes when good and bad balance each other and become so merged into each other that they leave no room for any choice by the limited self of desire.

-Extracted from “Discourses”, 7th Ed, p61

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