he New Life: Enjoyable suffering

Be unaffected by both honor and insult:
A twelve-mile walk that morning brought them to Rehata (also called Jalalgant) about two o’clock in the afternoon, where they halted in a mango orchard. Kaka prepared food. Local villagers gathered, and some of the village women declared that they had come for the darshan of the women going to Hardwar on foot. In Sarnath, Baba had remarked, “During the foot journey, we will be honored and insulted both, but we must remain unaffected in either case.” The former seemed to be coming true, for in Rehata the four women were the subject of great respect. (LM, p2847)

Decision to sell some of the troublesome animals:
Baba and the companions had walked 38 miles in four days in the freezing cold to reach Jaunpur. With no shelter, they had slept in the open in that weather, and the food, too, was not substantial. At every halting place they had to tend to the animals – to water them, bring fodder, feed them and tie them up at suitable places – attend to minor repairs to the carts, beg for food, cook, clean pots, fetch water, wash clothes – all these and other small things added to their exhaustion. And the intense cold did not allow them much rest.

It was therefore with a sigh of relief that the companions greeted these words from Baba on December 16th: “Let the camel, camel cart, two cows and calf be sold. Donkin, Eruch and Pendu should go to the railway station to make inquiries about sending the two donkeys, white horse and bullock cart by freight train to Hardwar.”
The donkeys were to be kept, as the women had discovered they would readily move forward when their backs were loaded. The white horse could not be sold as it was received in alms.

Enjoyable suffering:

… this New Life should not prove a torture to you all. Although suffering will certainly be there, it should be, and will be, enjoyable. (LM, p2851)

The third stage of actually living inside the building — after complete renunciation has been achieved — will consist of abnormal and extraordinary situations and circumstances. The ordinary and normal situations and circumstances will also be there. But it is the abnormal and extraordinary situations that will make you enjoy the sufferings. (LM, p2822)

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