“Hold on tightly and take my name constantly”

Explaining about Realization, Baba continued:

There are two ways of realizing God. The first method is through love for Beloved God. But this path of love is one of untold sufferings and ordeals. As Hafiz said:

The mind and intellect can never approach love.
Only one who has his head on his sleeve
can kiss the threshold of love.

One in a million can attain this love by the grace of God. It is good that God has not graced you with this love-divine, which when awakened burns you intensely in this fire of separation. You would be like a fish taken out of water, or a man dying of thirst with no water. It is horrible suffering which only a rare one can get through by God’s grace. It is a most difficult path.

The second method is that of holding fast to the daaman of the Avatar to the very end; that is, to obey him implicitly without using your intellect or mind at all, and acting according to his wishes. Your obedience should be headless and footless. This will take you to God-realization directly without experiencing the wonderful illusory experiences of the six planes.

Thus implicit obedience to the Avatar gives you God-realization in the flash of a second, when his nazar or grace turns on you.

As Jesus Christ, Judas was my intimate companion for many years. But when the time came, he betrayed me and handed me over to the executioners [Pharisees]. Even Peter, the most dear to me, denied me when the time came to face my execution.

Therefore, to hold fast to my daaman until the very end is also very difficult. It is only possible by my grace.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4935
Mar, 1963; Guruprasad

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