How can you annihilate your own self? – Surrender your ego to Baba


One day a distinguished looking man came to garland and bow down to Baba. He said, “I have read God Speaks so many times that I have it on the tip of my fingers. Now please instruct me how to realize the Truth.”

Baba said:

That which is meant for the mind, mind grasps through the intellect. To know what is beyond mind, destruction of the mind is required. You want to know that which is beyond mind through the medium of the mind! That is impossible. So it is far better for you to love God.

I am free eternally, still, within you I am bound. What is required is experience. Only then will thoughts, doubts, questions vanish forever. A man may have read and studied God Speaks, but if he claims he is God, it is hypocrisy!

For example, you are a man. Is it necessary for you to tell others that you are a man? No. But if you are [living] among donkeys, you would vehemently declare that you are a man. In the same way, I am God, but I have not to speak of it, because it is quite natural. Yet sometimes, I have to declare it.

How can you experience the Infinite? You can try to imagine it, but you can have no real idea of it. No sooner the I goes, the veil is torn and the Infinite is realized. What is the veil between you and God?

It is only your ego! Annihilate it and let God take its place.

How can you annihilate your own self? If you want to tear the veil, destroy your ego! How? All efforts to remove the veil strengthen it, and knots upon knots accumulate and become twisted tighter. The easiest way is to surrender your ego to me, regardless of how I handle it., p4675
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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