How Ramjoo remembered Baba in his last moments

Ramjoo to the right of Baba

Baba’s longtime and close disciple, Ramjoo Abdulla, expired of heart failure in Satara on the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 January 1967, at the age of 67. His friend Dr. Jog sent this telegram to Baba: “Ramjoo has permanently left us and come to you this afternoon.”

Adi forwarded the telegram to Meherazad the following morning, and Baba cabled in reply: “My very dear Ramjoo has come to me to rest eternally in me. Inform his family to have courage and give them all my love.”Breathing ones last

Adi and Don were immediately sent to Satara to personally convey Baba’s love and message to Ramjoo’s family. When they returned, they related how, during his final days, Ramjoo had continually repeated Baba’s name, holding a string of prayer beads to help himself do it without a break. In his last moments when he was too feeble to hold the beads, his fingers were still moving by themselves in rhythm with the movement of his lips as he uttered, “Baba, Baba, Baba.”, p5256
Jan, 1967; Meherazad


“I say with my Divine Authority to each and all that whosoever takes my name at the time of breathing his last comes to me; so do not forget to remember me in your last moments. Unless you start remembering me from now on, it will be difficult to remember me when your end approaches. You should start practising from now on. Even if you take my name only once every day, you will not forget to remember me in your dying moments.” (from Baba’s “My Wish”)

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