How to remain attached to Baba – Part 2 (Final)


Baba replied, “If you try, you will be deserving of my grace. I am the Infinite Ocean of Mercy and to shower mercy is my nature.

If you throw sandalwood or filth in the ocean, does it have any effect on it?”

“No,” Kumar said.

“Why not?”

“There is an abundance of fresh water in the ocean and it does not give out fragrance if roses are thrown in it, or stink if garbage is dumped in,” Kumar replied.

Baba stated,

“The ocean absorbs within itself heaps of sandalwood or refuse, good things or bad, as it is unlimited. Similarly, if you ‘throw’ your good and bad actions upon me, absorbing them, I will free you from all bindings.

But the meaning of throwing or dedicating to me is that you should thereafter completely forget such actions, because to remember them is not true dedication.” , p3289
Mar, 1953; Dehra Dun


“I take away very little and I give the infinite Ocean of Love!”
(, p4018)

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