“I am so infinite that I myself cannot fathom my own Infinity”

Baba stated:

I am so infinite that I myself cannot fathom my own Infinity. My shadow, the creation, is also so infinite that once I tried to count with my gross eyes all that had come out of me — all the universes — but I failed.  

Scientists will soon discover a little of what I say. There are 18,000 worlds that are inhabited by human beings. In some, the people are extremely intelligent, in others less so, and in still others still less. None of them who live in these worlds have any experience of the subtle or the mental worlds. Human beings from those planets must be born on this earth to experience the subtle and mental worlds.

This is an Avataric age, and it is a special Avataric advent because I am observing silence. Science and anti-God elements will reach their zenith in the nine months before I break my silence. Accordingly, my manifestation will also be the greatest. Breaking my silence will be as forceful as hundreds of thousands of atom bombs exploding! When I break my silence, the world will be shaken into the realization of who I am. The impact will jolt the world out of its spiritual lethargy, and will push open the hearts of all who love me and are connected with me. What will happen when I break my silence is what has never happened before.

Science is practically heading toward its zenith today because of the very intelligent souls from other planets coming here. Our population is increasing by leaps and bounds for the same reason that souls are migrating from other worlds as they want a human body on the earth in this Avataric age. All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never-ending tide and ebb. Even this earth expends itself in time and another such earth will take its place.

Just remember one thing: all is illusion, only God is real, and I am God in human form. Scientists will come to know that there are other human beings on other planets, that everything is infinitely infinite, and that intelligence is absolutely nothing where love and the heart are concerned.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4998
May, 1963; Guruprasad

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