“I Am the Real Businessman”

Baba would greet the person with His wordless, lovely smile which wiped out bitterness and sorrow from the heart. To one of the visitors, a cloth merchant, Baba suggested that he repeat any one name of God 7,000 times a day without fail. The person somehow feared that his family and business responsibilities might cause a lapse in carrying out the Master’s order. Such a breach he regarded as the greatest sin, so he frankly expressed his inability to carry out the order.

When the master gives any instruction, He definitely confers power on the person to carry it out in spite of himself. So Baba had a meaningful smile as He conveyed to the person, “All right. Forget about 7,000 times. Can you do it 700 times? At least do not forget to repeat the divine name 70 times a day, without an exception.” The visitor of course very lovingly agreed to this. In a playful mood and with a bit of humor in His eyes, Baba added, “You are a businessman and you did good business with me, too. But mind, I am the Real Businessman!”

-Glimpses of the God-man, p319

“… take God’s name sincerely, so sincerely that it reaches me. God is deaf. Only the sincerity of his lovers compels Him to listen.” (www.lordmeher.org, p3747)

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