“I build structures and then demolish them”

Norina and Elizabeth suggested to Baba that if he established a “Universal Center” somewhere his messages could be conveyed to other centers throughout the world. And if he were more publicly known, enthusiastic workers would have a chance to actively spread his messages among the masses. In reply, Baba stated:

It is a good idea indeed, but by attaching to it great significance or giving it too much importance, it develops into a regular organization or system, and I do not wish to limit myself or bind myself with any such thing.

I create things on a firm foundation and then pull them down. The more I make changes, the more changeless I am!

Neither do I want an organization, nor any society. That is exactly what I am afraid could happen. If such centers are allowed to prosper, they form themselves into organizations or societies. For that reason, I build structures and then demolish them. The more changes I make, the more unchangeable I become! Organizations are like the foam which brings unwanted things up to the surface of the sea, letting the real substance lie beneath, submerged in the depths.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1907
April, 1938; Panchgani

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