“If you wish to be at peace, keep your mind steady”


On Wednesday, 18 December 1929, two Germans named Victor Stomps and Phillip Bobl came to Nasik for Baba’s darshan….

The other German, Phillip, openly expressed a wish to live with the Master. Baba informed him, “You may stay here for a few days to determine whether such a life suits you, after which I will instruct you spiritually. But don’t worry about anything; keep your mind steady and one-pointed. Be firm in your resolve and do not waver.”

After considering this, Phillip consented, and comfortable arrangements for his boarding and lodging were made. Baba appointed two of the mandali to look after him and ordered them to be mindful of all his needs. But the following day, Phillip announced that he had decided to go elsewhere on pilgrimage. “Why?” Baba asked. “Were you uncomfortable here?”

“Nothing of the sort, but my mind is too active.”

Baba then advised him, “As long as your mind is actively working, you will never be at ease. If you wish to be at peace, keep your mind steady. You may go on pilgrimage now and have that experience, also.”

Baba concluded, “The mind is the root of all disturbance in the world; if you submit to it, you will never be able to follow a guru and find God.” Phillip Bobl left on his pilgrimage, never to meet Meher Baba again.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1126
Dec, 1929; Nasik

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