“In order to teach humanity humility”

“Jesus Christ suffered the tortures of crucifixion to take on the suffering of the world. Being simultaneously the Father and Son, his own infinite bliss was neither interrupted by the cross, nor did it intervene in his bodily suffering, which he suffered as an ordinary human being.” (22 July 1956, New York, Glow International, Nov. 1987 p22)

“Why did he undergo crucifixion? Because humanity would never listen to him. He said… ‘I am the reality. All follow me. Wake up from the dream.’ No one listened.

Christ was crucified. Otherwise humanity would not have listened to him.” (20 July 1956, New York, Glow International, Aug. 1988 p5)

“Christ’s greatness was not in his power and miracles, but in his humility in being crucified. His humility was his true greatness.” (August 1956, Australia, Awakener magazine 4:1 p19)

“Jesus Christ was the ocean of love, Father and Son both in one, simultaneously. No one can know him. No one realized what he said then.

He was all-mighty, all-powerful, and yet he appeared so helpless. He got himself crucified in the end. Why? In order to teach humanity humility.

Today the Christian world go to churches, they get mixed up with sermons and ceremonies, and forget what Jesus wanted to be done universally.” (12 August 1956, Melbourne, Australia, Practical Spirituality With Meher Baba, by John Grant, 1985 p44)

Source – http://www.meherbabadnyana.net/life_eternal/Jesus_life.html

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