The East-West Gathering: “In Poona this time, I opened a small window in my heart and doled out love”


Jane Haynes has perhaps summed up the feeling of many who participated in this unique gathering when she said:

The East-West Gathering was unprecedented. It was the only time in our lives that we ever experienced what Baba calls oneness. You hear about it and read about it and try to understand, when Baba says to try to find him in everyone, that we are all one. But because of our false self, it is one thing to hear it, another to experience it.

We actually experienced oneness under the pandal. There were people of every color, race and creed present. But with the Beloved sitting there, moving his beautiful hands like a symphony conductor, it seemed as though it was one heartbeat. It felt like we were one person sitting there. Every single soul felt that he or she was the only one in the whole world, and Baba was giving him or her something special. His divinity made us feel that way., p4890


The talk drifted to the East-West Gathering:

“Only on certain occasions do I open a little of my heart and give out a little love. In Poona this time, I opened a small window in my heart and doled out love. But I soon closed that window. When I break my silence, I shall open my heart completely and keep it open.”, p4894
Dec, 1962; Meherazad

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