Father and Mother in one

Baba said: I am the Son of God the Father, and God the Mother, in One. God is one. He is both father and mother in one. He is in everyone and in everything; but God is beyond this too. I will tell you about God in the Beyond State. In the Beyond State God is both God the Father and God the Mother, simultaneously.

Now we will discuss the worldly father and mother. Suppose a couple have¬†seven sons. It is natural for the father to love the sons who are useful to him,¬†who are healthy,intelligent, brilliant‚ÄĒ obviously the father will remain¬†pleased with such sons. Now the six sons of this worldly father are healthy,¬†strong, intelligent¬†and good in all respects; the seventh son is a disabled¬†weakling, innocent, simple and guileless. The father has no love for this seventh¬†son and loves only hi s s ix sons . But the mother loves her seventh son the¬†most because he is weak, s i ck, disabled, simple and guileless.

God is both the father and mother in One. The Avatars are Sons of the Father in the Beyond State. All past Avataric periods witnessed the presence of the Avatar as the healthy, bright, wise, Son of God. All this means, that the Avatar always remains the Beloved Son of the Father. Note that the Avatar always takes the male form and mingles with mankind as man.

Hitherto, God in the Beyond State did not have the occasion to play the part of God the Mother. In this Avataric period God the Father is very pleased with Me, at My being infinitely bright, wise, efficient and perfect in all respects as My father wants Me to be, and I am the Beloved Son of My Father. At the same time in this form I am physically disabled. In America, in 1952, I was injured on the left side of My physical frame from leg to face. In India, in 1956, I injured My right side from head down to the leg. Besides being physically disabled, I am also infinitely simple and guileless. Thus, I am also the well beloved Son of God the Mother. So in this incarnation of the Avatar, God has the occasion, as it were, to play the part of both Father and Mother.

-“Practical Spirituality with Meher Baba”, p110


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