Inner companionship with your Beloved

In the afternoon, people from Arangaon sang bhajans in the hall. Then followed a qawwali program which continued for about two hours. Regarding a statement in one of the ghazals about shedding tears, Baba conveyed, “It is very difficult to control tears which stream down the cheeks without your being aware of them. Tears are not bad, but if you could succeed in restraining them, you will find greater joy in the inner companionship with your Beloved.

“The spiritual path is closely connected with feelings; that’s true. However, this does not mean that inner passion should be exposed through an outer display, such as the shedding of tears. Someone who has a pure and sensitive heart may even feel that he should weep for years and years in the memory of his Beloved. However, if you can experience within your heart a continuous and deep longing for the Beloved, without any external sign, so much the better. Weep within continuously; outwardly remain normal and cheerful.”

-Glipmses of the God-Man,  Bal Natu, Vol 3, P167

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