Life at crossroads

And on the 14th, Baba wrote to a woman named Tamara who had been deceived by a charlatan who claimed to be a guru:

There comes a time in the life of everyone when one finds oneself at the crossroads of life and one’s future life depends on what turn one takes at that critical moment. If the person comes in contact with and is guided at this opportune moment by One who is Perfect, that person is said to be on the right path and his or her life is thereafter safe so long as it is guided by such a Perfect One.

The great difficulty is in finding such a One, and when One is found, it means everything. Salvation is secured and life’s mystery solved!

Your longing in this direction has led you to where you are now and will henceforth lead you where you will find peace, bliss and love everlasting, which is the desire of all true aspirants and the goal of humanity.

Do not brood over the past terrible experiences you had, for it is these very experiences that have brought you to me., p1688
Jul, 1935; Meherabad

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