Love God honestly

In the afternoon at the dak bungalow, Muluktla Ramalingam Sastri (whom Baba nicknamed Baba Sastri) sang some of Kabir and Mira’s songs in a classical way. Kabir’s song “Remove the Veil and You Will See Ram” prompted Baba to explain:

Just imagine that ages ago you were, now are and will ever be. Then what is there to worry about?

I want to impress upon you all that you must be honest. You must be honest to God, to yourselves and to others. If you love God honestly, you will forget yourselves and see me everywhere and in everything.

God does not like sham, and ceremonies are only outward. It is an insult to God if you make a show of your devotion. That is what Kabir means when he says, “Don’t revel in your desires.”

There are many yogis who can achieve samadhi, fly in the air or walk on water, and yet do not know what love is.

This divine love consumes all our limited desires; but this “burning” [in love] should be smokeless. Kabir puts this in one line: “Lift the veil of seven colors!” He does not say “remove” the curtain, but uses the word ‘khole’ [lift, open]., p3251
Jan, 1953; Tadepalligudem

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