Loving God while discharging daily duties has higher value

Lovers of God are called Mard-e-Khuda. When one loves God, the only longing and continual thirst is for union with God. “I want to see you, my Beloved” is the constant cry of this mad lover. Circumstances do not touch this lover. Nothing upsets him. People may call him mad, may make him suffer untold hardships, but his only outlook on life is to see God. Heat and cold, disease and difficulties, are not even thought by him.

But the love of the worldly who are absorbed day and night in the thought of God while discharging their daily duties is even greater than the love of a Mard-e-Khuda! Such people are never bound by anything. They do everything, yet simultaneously do nothing!

–www.lordmeher.org, p3297
March, 1953; Dehra Dun


“If you meet life squarely, accepting its opposites with equanimity while carrying on your duties in a spirit of selfless love and service, you will not only come in tune with the Infinite, but you yourself will become the Infinite which you seek.” (Life At Its Best, p23)


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