Mankind is rapidly approaching such a time

When Brunton questioned Baba about his mission, Baba stated:

I shall change the history of the whole world. As Jesus came to impart spirituality to a materialistic age, so I have come to impart a spiritual push to present-day mankind. There is always a fixed time for such divine workings, and when the hour is ripe, I shall reveal my true nature to the entire world.

The great teachers of religion — Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad — do not differ in their essential doctrines. All these Prophets came from God. These Divine Ones appeared in public when their help was most needed, when spirituality was at its lowest ebb and materialism was apparently victorious everywhere. Mankind is rapidly approaching such a time.

At present, the whole world is enmeshed in sensual desires, in racial prejudice, selfishness and money-worship. God is forsaken! True religion is abused. Man seeks life and the priests give him stones! God, therefore, must send his True Prophet among men once again to establish true worship and to awaken people out of their materialistic stupor. I but follow in the line of these earlier Prophets. This is my mission., p1207
Nov, 1930; Meherabad

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