Meaning of surrender – “You must be prepared to follow my instructions implicitly, without caring for the results”

Garrett Fort with Baba

As things tragically turned out, Garrett Fort returned to Hollywood to face years of unemployment and inactivity. He plunged deeply into debt and wrote long letters to Baba detailing his plight. Not finding work was sheer torture for him, and it was deeply frustrating not to be able to earn any money for Baba’s cause. The irony of the matter was that, during this period of contact, Meher Baba would actually send him money from time to time. Several months of communication passed between Baba and Fort. After one of Fort’s “whining” letters (as he himself described them) asking Baba to do something to help him, Baba sent the following letter (from Cannes, dated 3 October 1937):

Now you know that your earning power, like all your talents, is a grace from me, given or withheld as I deem best for your spiritual evolution.

You said in your letter that you have surrendered your life to me, that you have no ambition but to serve me, that you are a soldier ready for the call. But apparently you do not like the call that has been given you. You want the war to be conducted according to your ideas, not mine.

Try to remember, dear Garrett, that you are doing my work, which is as ancient as I am. In surrendering your life to me you must be prepared to follow my instructions implicitly, without caring for the results, which are in my hands and depend upon my will. My promises are always kept, but in my own way and at my own time., p1881
Oct, 1937; Nasik

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