Meditate with a mental picture of God



Someone asked, “While meditating, whose name should we remember? Some say Ram, some say Krishna and some utter the name of God — Paramatma or Ishwar. Which is best?” Baba explained:

Remember anyone’s name — either Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or God. But how are you going to remember God’s name? While remembering Ram, Krishna or any of the other Prophets, you can bring his image before your mind’s eye — but what about God? Mere remembrance of the name has no meaning. It should be done with one-pointed devotion, with a mental picture of God before you. If you have His image before you in any form, it becomes easy. How can you concentrate thinking only of God? You must have some suitable image of an Avatar or Sadguru before you.

With a wandering mind, even if you go on saying, “Ram, Ram, Ram,” like a parrot for twelve years, it has no value. If you have a guru, keep his image before you. This is best., p1041
Jul/Aug, 1929; Dhulia


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