The habit of criticism – Try to control by thinking of Baba



Try your best to overcome it [criticism and in-fighting]. Your fighting is all childish and has no sense. If you try you will control, but trying means thinking of me.

If you think of me, these orders will go easy for you. Yoga means control, which is more difficult than cutting off your arms and giving up your eye! When Christ said give your other cheek to be slapped, it means control. But the world thinks that if you get slapped and don’t get excited, you are either a coward or shameless.

Fight to overcome lust, anger and greed. To control is not to do that which you have been used to doing.

If  you fail once, do not give up but try again. If you succeed once, you will have helped me a lot. If you fail nine times and win once, that too helps., p2131
Jul, 1940;  Meherabad

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