Qualifications of the Aspirant: Entering into the Realities of Inner Life — Dogmas and creeds

Sometimes even a wrong view, which is held with fervor, may indirectly invite an experience that opens the gates to spiritual life. Even at the stage of shariat, or karma-kanda, allegiance to religions is not infrequently a source of inspiration for  many selfless and noble acts. For while the dogmas or creeds are blindly accepted, they are often held with a fervor and enthusiasm that supply a dynamic element to the ideology that has been accepted by the person for the moment. Dogmas and creeds, as compared with barren views and doctrines, have the distinct advantage of being embraced not only by the intellect but also by the heart. They cover and affect a wider part of personality than purely theoretical opinions.

-Discourses 7th Ed. p353

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