Qualifications of the Aspirant: Entering into the Realities of Inner Life — Need for putting theory into practice

When a person gives up uncritically accepted dogmas and creeds in favor of views and doctrines to which he has devoted thought, there is a certain amount of advance-insofar as his mind has now begun to think and critically examine its beliefs. Very often, however, the newly held beliefs
are seen to lack the fervor and enthusiasm that characterized allegiance to dogmas and creeds. If these newly held beliefs lack motive power, they belong only to the superficial aspects of life; and they hang loosely upon the person like an overcoat. The mind has been emancipated from the domination of uncultured emotion, but this is often achieved by sacrificing the cooperation of the heart. If the results of critical thought are to be
spiritually fruitful, these results must again invade and recapture the heart so as to enlist its cooperative functioning.

In other words, the ideas that have been accepted after critical examination must again be released into active life if they are to yield their full benefit. In the process of practical living, they often undergo a healthy transformation and become more soundly interwoven with the very fabric of life.

-Discourses 7th Ed. p353


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