Regarding Sanskaras – Part-2/2

Or to evoke still another figure: suppose you hold an umbrella over your head and then proceed to shout aloud, “Oh, where is the Sun? Show the Sun to me!” How absurd! All the while the sun actually exists and shines its light over you and everyone—even during the time that you are shouting your complaint out loud before the whole world; but your umbrella which you hold firmly in your hands prevents you from seeing it. This umbrella can aptly be characterized as the umbrella of your own sanskaras. Just as sanskaras impede and check you in your effort to see the Sun of Truth, so does your own physical umbrella, which you hold in your hand, prevent you from seeing the sun is the sky. And mark the contrast! Of what measure and consideration is a tiny umbrella when set against such a big ball of light as the sun itself, which shines upon and brightens the whole universe! Yet this umbrella does block the sun and prevent it from reaching your sight. Further, you hold this umbrella in your hands so firmly that great skill and much time are required for loosening .your grip. Indeed, only a Sadguru can accomplish this. So may a Sadguru help you—all and every one of you—in bringing about the loosening of this strong grip of yours through absolute surrender and submission to his orders!

“Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p384

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