Reincarnation and Karma [58]โ€“ The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Master can clear debts and dues

The spinning of the yarn of karmic debts and dues would be endless if there were no provision for getting out of the karmic entanglements through the help of a Perfect Master. He can not only initiate an aspirant into the supreme art of nonbinding karma, but can become directly instrumental in freeing him from his karmic entanglements. The Master has attained unity with God, whose cosmic and universal life includes all persons. Being one with all life and in his representative capacity, he can become, for the sake of the aspirant, the medium for the clearing up of all debts and dues that have come into existence through the aspirantโ€™s dealings with countless individuals contacted in his incarnations. If a person must get bound to someone, it is best for him to get bound to God or a Master, because this tie ultimately facilitates emancipation from all other karmic ties.

-Discourses 7th Ed., p335

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