Sanskaras (4/4)– The wiped-out state

Returning to the first point, I will give you two examples: of good overlapping the bad, of bad overlapping the good, and how both disappear. A dish is dirty. You take soap and water and overlap the dirt with soap; then in washing it — both disappear. Here the water is you. You are always present in the process of overlapping. The Indian way of cleaning a dish full of grease is with mud. Without water it will come clean. Both grease and mud disappear. In the overlapping of opposites — mud is the most greaseless thing, therefore opposite. The object is for both to disappear and attain a clean dish.

When good sanskaras overlap the bad, and bad sanskaras overlap the good, then both disappear and your mind is a clean slate with nothing written on it. All is wiped off.

Nothing is ever written on you — but on your mind. You, the soul, remain untarnished. Good and bad, everything is written on your mind. When the impressions go, then all is wiped out. Mind sees the soul — this is illumination. When good and bad are written off the mind, mind sees the soul. Mind then tries to become one with the soul — this is Realization.

Mind seeing the soul means you seeing God. But mind does not become you, you being God; mind must merge in the soul. When mind merges in soul, then you are God-realized., p1890
December 1937; Nasik

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