Self-delusion and hypocrisy

Later that afternoon of February 9th, Baba explained about hypocrisy and delusion. He asked the Westerners, “What is self-delusion? We say that so-and-so is self-deluded. What is meant by that?”

Someone answered, “A person who imagines himself what he is not,” to which Baba replied:

But this imagination is so strong that the self-deluded man does not doubt he is what he thinks himself to be! He feels he really is this or that person. This delusion is very positive but it is, after all, delusion. And although these men are not hypocritical, they are dangerous, but not so seriously.

In one sense, all are mad; deluded persons are always mad. For instance, you think you are the body. You are body-mad, aren’t you?

Addressing one person in the group Baba pointed out with a teasing smile, “You are mad, but God-mad!” Continuing, he stated:

Self-delusion is unfortunate but hypocrisy is inexcusable. The self-deluded doesn’t know, but thinks that he knows. The hypocrite knows that he does not know, but pretends that he does.

Self has no sex, but when self treats itself as the body, the illusion of sex appears; and therefore, duality. The Self in each of us is sexless, but the self in a person thinks itself as a woman, and in another thinks itself as man. This is delusion. A very subtle difference. It all comes from thinking of ourselves as the body.

The soul is to the body as the bald man is to his wig. The bald man puts on his toupee when he goes to work in the morning. When he comes home and goes to sleep at night, he takes it off. In conclusion, you must learn to use the body when you need it for work, and to free yourself when you no longer need it.
–, p2092

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