Simple way made complicated – Part 2 (Final)


Baba continued:

How very complicated a simple thing has been made! I am giving you a hint. The easiest way to achieve the Goal of life is to leave all and follow me through love. I don’t mean that you should leave your house and family and come here! Don’t do that! [People laughed.] I mean that you be in your house and with your family, but love me as I want you to love me — love me above all. That is the simplest way.

Another hint. A still more simple way to attain God is to obey me. Obey me implicitly. Is it possible? That is simpler than the simplest thing! Try. If you try, I will help you.

It is because of love that I have drawn you all to me. If I did not love you, you would not come to me or care for me. It is not your love that has brought you to me; it is my love that has drawn you to me., p4840
Nov, 1962; East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

*Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar publications

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