Speak from your heart

Two years before, when Lud Dimpfl had met Baba in Myrtle Beach, although he felt happy to meet the Avatar, he felt perplexed as he had not felt touched by Baba in the way so many others had. Now, as he listened to some speak of their feelings of deep love for Baba, he became annoyed. He doubted their sincerity, as he did not feel the same. When it was his turn, he said something about being tongue-tied, but, upon Baba’s encouragement, he said, “Baba, I do not know what we are all talking about. We sit here like a bundle of sticks. We do not see you as you are, and here we are all trying to outdo each other like King Lear’s daughters  as to how many compliments we give you.”

Baba smiled and stated, “Say ‘I,’ not ‘we.’ ” Lud thought Baba was displeased with him and said something to that effect, and appeared deeply distressed.

Baba reassured him: “I love you and will never be displeased. Speak from your heart. If you hide what you feel, you will not be honest. I love you for being honest. I really love you. Say whatever you feel, but say always ‘I,’ not we. Do you feel happy?” Lud replied he did, and Baba stated, “What else is necessary?”

–www.lordmeher.org, p3563
September, 1954; Meherabad




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