Spiritual Freedom

… Spiritual freedom is marred by the bindings of lust, power, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy and low desires. When the prison of these bindings is torn asunder, the heritage of freedom which constitutes infinite power, wisdom, peace, love and bliss is gained. To attain this freedom we must realize God, Who is the source of this freedom. To realize God we must love Him, losing ourselves in His Infinite Self.

We can love God through intense longing for His union. We can love God by surrendering to the Sadguru who is God’s personal manifestation. We can also love God by loving our fellowmen, by giving them happiness at the cost of our own happiness, by rendering them service at the sacrifice of our interests and by dedicating our lives at the altar of selfless work for the downtrodden. And when we love God intensely through any of these channels, we finally know Him to be our own self.

The purpose of life is to realize God within us. This can be done even while attending to our worldly duties. In the everyday walk of life and amidst intense activities, we should feel detached and dedicate our doings to Beloved God.

Enough has been said to make people “food-minded.” They must now be made “God-minded.” The downtrodden and poor people must be made to understand that, from the spiritual point of view, their misfortunes and miseries could be made the weapons for the struggle for Truth. They should feel that miseries can be counted upon as gifts of God, and if faced bravely and cheerfully, they could become the gateway to eternal happiness.

I give my love and blessings to one and all for the understanding of the One Infinite God residing equally within us and besides Whom everything else is false and illusory.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4001

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