Supervening Orders in the Spiritual Panorama – Part 4 (God’s forgiveness)

God forgives sins in the sense that He does not eternally damn any one for his sins. He keeps the door of redemption eternally open.

Through repeated sincere prayers it is possible to effect an exit from the otherwise inexorable working out of the law of karma. The forgiveness asked from God evokes from Him His inscrutable grace, which alone can give new direction to the inexorable karmic determination. The only miracle which is worthy of the name is the divine grace that knows no fetters, and that can control the entire universe with all of its laws. It is the last supervening factor in the graded orders which obtain in the spiritual panorama.

Divine grace is not concerned with phenomena. It is concerned with the emancipation and spiritual fulfillment of souls. Here an interesting question is, “Does God work miracles in the narrower sense of operating the hidden laws of the inner spheres?” The answer is, “God does everything and at the same time does nothing. He leaves everything to the natural and supernatural forces prevalent in the spiritual panorama of the universe.”

-Beams, p37

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