The Advancing Life Stream ‚Äď Part 3 (The unfoldment of the divine in life )

The advancing life-stream creates¬†numerous forms. But no form should be¬†regarded as a cage, restricting and¬†canalizing the gathering of experiences in a¬†manner that would exclude inter-communion¬†with other forms of the same species or¬†even with forms of other species. Human¬†beings communicate with each other¬†and evolve together by an interchange¬†of experiences. In the same way,¬†intercommunication of some type is an important factor even in the world of plants¬†and animals. Exchange of experiences and¬†evolving together are not necessarily¬†conditioned by the use of spoken or written¬†language, which facilitates profiting by each¬†other’s experiences.

Men can understand each other through spoken or written language and get an opportunity of sharing life with others, but animals also share life together despite the absence of such language. Even animals and plants have a language of their own, a mode of partial or rudimentary communication. They share life with other forms and advance together. In fact all forms and species live in a common world. They not only share life with forms of their own species but also with forms of other species.

Thus birds, beasts, plants, and human beings, and all that lives and breathes, make their contributions to the unfolding life of each. The unfoldment of the divine in life is a common enterprise and not an exclusive achievement.

Even the evolution of angels and archangels (with all of their hierarchy) is not to be regarded as an exclusive stream in advancing life. They can incarnate among the human beings and become linked up with the human stream of life. They are also subject to the laws of cycles and all that
happens to them is subject to the control of the Perfect Masters.

-Beams, p23

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