“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 2

1955 Sahavas,


[Directions Given By Meher Baba for the November 1955 sahavas (Circular No. 25)] Contd…

If I am free to give as I wish, I must also remain free to take away as and when I deem it best, in any way and at any time. That also means that as and when I take anything away from anyone, he should not raise a cry, because his concern must likewise remain focussed on my Reality and not on the thing I take away.

From the Beginning of all Beginnings I have been saying, I say it now, and to the End of Ends I will say it, that he who loves God becomes God.

It is a fact that I have come among you. One of these days, the whole world will come to realize how I have come, where I have come from and the purpose of my coming.

I repeat once again that I have come neither to establish panths (groups) and jaats (classes) nor to establish mandirs (temples), masjids (mosques), churches and ashrams in the world. I have come to receive the beauty and give the blessings of love. All else but God is illusion– whether rites, rituals or ceremonies in the name of religion, worldly possessions, family, money or one’s own physical body. All else but God is illusion.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3727
May 1955; Meherabad


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