“The circle members do not need these explanations”

Explaining about the circle of the Masters on Tuesday, 13 February 1940, Baba stated:

There is a difference in the Avatar’s or Sadgurus’ attitude toward their circles and toward the general public. The members of the circle are like the sons [of the Master], and the general public are like strangers. For example: If a newsboy turns into a millionaire, he would teach others the ways by which he became so, and tell them that if they followed him, they, too, would become millionaires. But to his sons, he will give the riches — not descriptions of how he acquired the riches.

In the same way, the Avatar and Sadgurus never explain to the members of their circles the ways and means of the Path. They just place them right on the path to God-realization itself; while to ordinary people, they explain the ways and means to achieve it.

The circle members do not need these explanations, because they are the inheritors of the “divine wealth,” the heirs. When the “wealth” itself is in hand, what is the necessity for explaining the ways to obtain it?

There are special rules for my circle members. I put up with, tolerate and forgive even their serious faults. It is a universal law for the masses that the punishment for murder is death by execution. But there is a special rule for my circle members. They are always saved from execution.

www.lordmeher.org, p2079
Feb, 1940; Bangalore

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