The “dark spiritual night” (1/5) – Let the thoughts come and go


[This series contains a wonderful discourse Beloved Baba has given on the surge of thoughts and how to handle them]

A few months before, Baba had sent Krishnaji from Saoner to Uttar Kashi. At the end of March 1953, Krishnaji came to Dehra Dun to see Baba. Discussing matters with him on Sunday, 29 March, Baba stated:

“… we always were since eternity and we will ever be so. I will show you today how to live and how to die… if only you could follow my advice 100 percent, with God’s grace you will be emancipated.

Although thoughts of the world may still assail you, if you go on carrying out my behests, things worldly will not touch you.

At this juncture one end of the rope is in my hand, one end is in your hand and a third is in illusion’s hand. Under these circumstances, you must do one thing. Do not try to pull your end toward you because you know one end is in my hand. Rather, your duty is not to resist the pull from me. If you let go, maya will pull you. If you turn toward me I will pull you. This means let thoughts come, but for the sake of God, for my sake and for the sake of honesty, do not put them into practice. That would be spiritually fatal.

This mental state of dejection, frustration and mayavic thought-torture is very good from a spiritual point of view. It can be a turning point. It is said in books, “Fools don’t get angry. Wise men get angry but don’t express anger. Eunuchs don’t have sexual thoughts. Brave men have such thoughts but don’t put them into action.” Suppose you are having such thoughts; you should not try to stop them from coming. If you try to stop them, they will attack you again with double the force. So let them come and be spent away.”, p3304
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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