The disciple and his attitudes – Humility disarms antagonism

For real spiritual service the disciple has to be prepared for all eventualities. In his work for God he must learn to adjust himself to all types of circumstances—favorable or otherwise. Others may pay no heed to him or may treat him with contempt or slander, but that should not mar his understanding or sincerity. He should remain unmoved by all this and resist the onslaught of worldly opposition with true humility. When met with aggression he should be like the football that is kicked, for the very kicking raises it aloft and propels it onward till the goal is reached.

For the disciple, failure lies in betraying the Truth, not in accepting worldly abuse. Unwavering loyalty to the Truth of his search leads him on to the higher sphere of the unlimited divine life of real fulfillment. True humility is strength, not weakness. It disarms antagonism and ultimately conquers it.

-Life At Its Best, p25

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