The Divine Effulgence – Noor

Hoshang asked about the difference between seeing God physically and seeing God on the sixth plane. Baba explained, but ended by stating: “To see God is not the final aim. The aim is to be One with Him.”

Baba called Kaikobad and asked him to narrate his visions and experiences. Kaikobad said: “First, I saw God, and when I compared it to Baba, Baba did not look like Him. Then I saw the Father of all Fathers — Ahuramazda — and Baba simultaneously. I became convinced that Baba is God. Thereafter, I started seeing Baba in an aura of light. To see Baba in a beam of light comes from within me, and I can do it at anytime.”

Baba explained that Kaikobad was an example of one who sees God physically. Baba then began speaking about Noor — Divine Effulgence:

The Noor of God is infinite. It is different from your electric power. All types of powers like electric, atomic, heat, light, et cetera, are only small branches of God’s Noor. Noor is not light; it is far more than that. To explain it, we will use a simile. If ten million suns are put together, the coolness of these would only be a fraction of the coolness of Noor. From Noor the sun, stars, moons, planets derive their light. Noor is infinite; it cannot be divided. And so suns, stars, moons, planets, et cetera must be contained in it.

–, p4605
Oct, 1959; Meherazad



“… if you want to see God and to become one with God, then the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman”
(Listen Humanity, p87)

Photo Courtesy: Lord Meher

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