The Divine Heritage of Man


Jal Kerawala read out the Master’s message, “The Divine Heritage of Man,” and Harkare Pleader repeated it in Marathi:

In all climes and in all places, man is constantly striving for happiness; but there are very few who have it, because there are very few who truly know the secret of happiness.

Man is constantly feeling thwarted and limited, and he is ever in the clutches of unrelieved agony or suffering because, not knowing his own true nature, he identifies himself with the body or the desires or the limited individual mind, and thereby becomes a victim to their respective limitations and sufferings. It is only by knowing himself to be different from and beyond all these that he can freely enter the divine heritage of abiding happiness, which is inalienable from his being as God.

The Master does not give to the aspirant something which is not already within the aspirant in a latent form. He only unveils the Real Self of the aspirant and enables him to come into his own divine heritage which is rightfully his.
–, p2994

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