The doubting mind

On the 4th, many from Andhra came, including Chanda Subba Rao, who read out a poem to Baba. This was the first time he had come, and at one point troublesome thoughts came into his mind: He doubted whether Eruch was interpreting Baba’s gestures correctly, and wondered whether Eruch and Baba were simply colluding with each other and cheating the public.

As Subba Rao was thinking this, Baba gestured something which Eruch could not follow. “What Baba?” he asked, and Baba repeated the gesture, but Eruch could still not catch what he meant. Finally, Baba gestured, “Drop it!” Subba Rao then understood that Baba knew everything, and his doubts were dispelled., p4698
June, 1960; Guruprasad


“Let nothing shake your faith in me and all your bindings will be shaken off.” (, p4237)

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