The Eternal NOW


What happened yesterday? Nothing! What will happen tomorrow? Nothing! Everything happens now. This experience of everything happening at this very moment is dnyan — knowledge, wisdom.

It has nothing to do with the mind, or reason. One who had this experience of eternal knowledge — dnyan — is wise. Mind says: “It was yesterday that Baba was here, Baba gave us a discourse and we all listened, and the children had a party.” And mind also says: “Tomorrow, we will have a performance.”

But one rare being knows that there is no such thing as yesterday or tomorrow. There is the Eternal Now from the beginningless beginning to the endless end. There is one moment only — the Eternal Now. He who experiences the Eternal Now finds all doubts, worries, everything dissolved like mist, and remains in eternal bliss., p4383
May, 1958; Myrtle Beach


“Past and Future exist only because of the Present in which they are both embodied. In the eternal Past, every second existed as the Present and every second of the eternal Future will exist as the Present.”

(, p4237)

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