The Everything and Nothing: Let go of Nothing so that Everything resides



When a soul escapes this law of Nothing and is merged in God โ€” the God who is beyond this law โ€” then the soul becomes God Himself and free of all bindings; hence, no law, no binding. If after God-realization a soul attains gross consciousness [becomes a Sadguru], he then brings God down on the gross plane where the law prevails. He brings down the Lawless God on earth, but because he is continually conscious of his lawlessness โ€” his infinite power โ€” the law cannot touch him. Lawless God is infinite, all-mighty, all-powerful.

Now listen to what I explain about the Avatar or the Perfect Master. The Avatar comes after many ages. Lawless God comes down on earth in law. The law cannot touch him but he touches the law. He grasps the law of Nothing, acts like an ordinary human being and uses his power, knowledge and bliss for those bound, those in the law, to make them free from the law.

That is why I say “you” go and I will “come.” This means that you should let go of this Nothing so that I, the Everything, may reside within you; there being no “you” left, you become Me! The Nothing is absolutely nothing and the meaning of letting go of it is for you to realize that it is really nothing and you can never be bound by it., p3378
Jul, 1953;ย Dehra Dun

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